Venue: NEB 101           Time: 4:05pm, Monday

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Seminars in Spring 2007

Date Room Speaker Topic
04/23/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Dr. Yuguang Fang Path Capacity in Multirate and Multihop Wireless Networks
04/09/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Ying Jian Protecting Receiver-Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor
03/26/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Dr. My Tra Thai On the Construction of Virtual Backbone in Wireless Ad hoc Networks.
03/07/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Dr. Ness B. Shroff Cross-Layer Design for Multihop Wireless Networks
03/05/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Dr. Ahmed Helmy Design and Analysis of Future Mobile Networks: Realistic Mobility Modeling
& Socially-Aware Mobile Networks
02/26/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Dr. Yuguang Fang Securing Wireless Networks with Resource-Constrained Devices
02/07/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 NICOLA,SCALABRINO An Overview of IEEE 802.16 Standard
02/05/2007, 4:05pm NEB 101 Chi Zhang Connectivity Properties of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Seminars in Fall 2006

Date Room Speaker Topic
11/28/2006, 5:10-6:10pm NEB 589 Jieyan Fan Network Centric Traffic Analysis
11/01/2006, 4:00-5:00pm Larsen 310 Dr. Viktor K. Prasanna Reconfigurable Computing: Opportunities and Challenges
10/13/2006, 10:30-12:10am NEB 401 Dr. Pengwei Hao PLUS Factorization of Matrices and its Applications
10/03/2006, 5:10-6:10pm NEB 589 Yiran Li THz Imaging
09/19/2006, 5:10-6:10pm NEB 409 Dr. Shigang Chen Localized Algorithm for Aggregate Fairness in Wireless Sensor Networks
09/12/2006, 5:10-6:10pm NEB 409 Bing Han A Novel Approach for 3D Image Reconstruction


Seminars in Spring 2006

Date Room Speaker Topic
02/06/2006, 5:10-6:00pm BEN 328 Hongqiang Zhai Fair and Efficient Resource Allocation with QoS Support over IEEE 802.11 WLANs
02/13/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Surendra Boppana
Superposition Coding in the downlink of CDMA Cellular Systems
02/20/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 T.D. Goswami
Maximum Transmission Distance of Geographic Transmissions on Rayleigh Channels
03/20/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Arun Avudainayagam
Distributed Video Coding for Sensor Networks
03/27/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Woong Cho Optimum Resource Allocation for Relay Networks with Differential Modulation
03/30/2006, 10:40-11:30pm NEB 201 Moe Z. Win Fundamental Limits on Wide Bandwidth Signal Acquisition (A Convexity and Optimization Perspective)
04/03/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Jienyan Fan Pattern Recognition Method on Detecting DDoS Attacks for
Large-Scale Internet
04/10/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Xiaochen Li Power Control and Channel Allocation for Real-time Applications in Cellular Networks
04/17/2006, 5:10-6:00pm NEB 409 Bing Han Feature Based Tracking Algorithm


Seminars in Fall 2005

Date Room Speaker Topic
9/12/2005, 5:00-6:00pm NEB 201  Yun Zhou Broadcasting Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks
9/19/2005, 5:00-6:00pm NEB 201 Yanchao Zhang Location-Based Compromise-Tolerant Security Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks
9/21/2005,11:40-12:40pm 310 Larsen Hall Dr. Georgios B. Giannakis Dimensionality Reduction and Distortion-Rate Analysis for Distributed Estimation with Wireless Sensor Networks
9/27/2005, 5:00-6:00pm NEB 201 Luzhou Xu Growth curve models and their applications in signal processing
10/03/2005, 5:00-6:00pm NEB 201 Yuan Guo An Adaptive Sleep Protocol For Environment Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks
10/10/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Kartikeya Tripathi Directional Antenna Based Performance Evaluation Of 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks
10/17/2005,5:30-6:30pm NEB201 Dr. Shigang Chen Resilient Capacity-Aware Multicast Based on Overlay Networks
10/24/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Dr. Renato Figueiredo An Overview of Resource Virtualization Techniques for Grid Computing
10/31/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Jieyan Fan Bloom Filter Array: A Novel Data Structure
11/7/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Dr. Jianbo Gao Can cell cycle period and sea clutter radio returns be modeled by the same distribution?
--- A Journey through non-Gaussian statistics
11/14/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Dr. P. Oscar Boykin Leveraging Social Networks to Fight Spam
11/21/2005,5:10-6:10pm NEB201 Dr. Richard E. Newman 2-level Framing in HomePlug AV


Seminars in Summer 2005

Date Room Speaker Topic
8/18/2005, 2:30-4:00pm NEB 201  Dr. Thomas Hou Cross-Layer Optimization for Routing Data Traffic in UWB-based Sensor Networks
8/25/2005, 5:00-6:00pm NEB 589 Qingwen Liu
Cross-Layer Modeling of Adaptive Wireless Links for QoS Support in Multimedia Networks


Seminars in Spring 2005

Date Speaker Topic
1/24/2005 Dr. Phone Lin Overflow Control for the 4G Network, High Speed Downlink Packet Access

Jianfeng Wang

Medium Access Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Hongqiang Zhai

TCP over Wireless Ad hoc Networks


Shushan Wen Congestion Control over Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. K. Clint  Slatton

Information-theoretic Segmentation of Sampled Topographic Elevations
3/07/2005 Yi Jiang Adaptable Channel Decomposition
3/21/2005 Dr. Huikai Xie Toward Integrated Wireless MEMS Sensors
3/28/2005 Yanchao Zhang Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with ID-Based Public-Key Cryptography


Saravanan Vijayakumaran Optimization by Vector-Space Method
4/18/2005 Dr. Jenshan Lin RF System Integration for Wireless Applications


Seminars in Fall 2004

Date Speaker Topic
9/13/04 Sandeep Aedudodla
IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee
Sinisa Todorovic
Graphical models and their application in machine learning
Wing Hin Wong
Cooperative Diversity in Slotted ALOHA
Dr. Oscar Boykin
Quantum Error Correcting Codes
Jangwook Moon
Introduction to Unequal Error Protection
Yoav Levinbook
Maximum Likelihood Diffusive Source Localization using Binary Observations
Yun Zhou
Key Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Liuqing Yang
Dirty Templates for UWB Radios
Fang Zhu
Vertical Handoff in Wireless Networks
Vignesh Krishnan Adaptive Motion Estimation

Seminars in Summer 2004

Date Speaker Topic
6/14/04  Jing Hu Statistically Robust Means of Detecting and Categorizing BOLD Contrast in fMRI Data BOLD Contrast in fMRI Data
6/21 Saravanan Vijayakumaran On the Asymptotic Performance of Threshold-based Acquisition
Systems in Multipath Fading Channels
7/26 Xin Li Performance Analysis for Collaborative Decoding with MRB exchange scheme
on AWGN channel
8/02 Yong Liu Markov lemma and its application to multiterminal source coding 

Special Seminars in Spring 2004 (With IEEE Gainesville Section Seminar)

Date Place Speaker Topic
1:50-2:50pm, Tuesday, Feb. 17 NEB 102 Dr. Ding-Zhu Du, University of Minnesota Connected Dominating Set in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
11:40-12:40pm, Friday, Feb. 27 NEB 201 Dr. Kang Shin,  University. of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Management of Sensor Networks for Monitoring Environments
11:40-12:40pm, Monday, Mar. 15 NEB 201 Dr. Theodore Rappaport, University of Texas at Austin Ubiquitous Broadband Access: the Wireless Future
4:00-5:00pm, Wednesday, Mar.  17  CISE E404 Dr. Klara Nahrstedt,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Cross-Layer Adaptation for Quality-Aware and Energy-Efficient Next Generation Mobile Multimedia Devices
10:40-11:30am, Friday, April 16 J. Wayne Reitz Union
Dr. Sachio Semmoto, Founder, Chairman and CEO, eAccess Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Wireless Broadband Communications

Regular Seminars in Spring 2004

Date Speaker Topic
1/28/04 Arun Avudainayagam Cooperative Diversity Techniques for Wireless Networks
2/4/04 Jangwook Moon Introduction to Smart Antenna
2/11/04 Dr. Gao Modeling  bursty traffic in  computer communications networks
2/18/04 Jianfeng Wang Utilizing Diversity in CSMA/CA based Ad Hoc Networks
2/25/04 Dr. Dong-Seog Han HDTV Performance Improvement with Multiple Antennas
3/3/04 Abhinav Roongta What is a Sensor Web ?
3/24/04 Wei Liu
3/31/04 Saravanan Vijayakumaran Best Permutation Search Strategy for Ultra-Wideband Signal Acquisition
4/7/04 Surendra Boppana Capacity Regions for Wireless Ad Hoc Network
4/14/04 Matthew Peace
4/21/04 Dr. Rao

Seminars in Fall 2003

Date Speaker Topic
09/08/03 Dr. Xuejun Tian MATS (Multichannel Time-Spread scheduling)
09/15/03 Dr. Sungwon Kim Combined handoff strategy for CDMA cellular networks
09/29/03 Dr.  Wong MTCM: From trellis-coded modulations to space-time codes
10/06/03 IBM day Pervasive computing and Grid Computing
10/09/03 Dr. Liang Cheng (Lehigh Univ.) Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks by Heterogeneous Collaborative Groupware
10/20/03 Dr. Principe Information Theoretic Learning
10/27/03 Dr. Shea Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks
11/03/03 Dr.  Wu An Objective and Secure Reputation-based Incentive Scheme for Ad-hoc Networks
11/10/03 Saravanan Vijayakumaran Arrow's Impossibility Theorem and its relation to Distributed Detection
11/17/03 Dr. Kunsuk Kim (CISE) Internet Router-Table Design
12/01/03 Dr. Xia (CISE) File Replication on DHT-Based P2P File-Sharing Network

Seminars in Summer 2003

Date Speaker Topic
05/14/03 Xiang Chen An introduction to Game Theory
05/21/03 Yanchao Zhang The Insecurity of 802.11
05/28/03 Beomjin Park Channel estimation inmultiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO)
06/04/03 Deniz Bit-Interleaved Space-Frequency Coded Modulation with Iterative Decoding for OFDM Systems
06/11/03 Yu Zheng MAC Protocol for Ad-hoc Network with Directional Antenna
06/18/03 Hongqiang Zhai TCP's Congestion Window Limit in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
07/02/03 Sarava Equal Gain Combining for Acquisition of Ultra-Wideband Signals
07/16/03 April Shang Maximum-Likelihood Estimation with Many Nuisance Parameters:Breakdown and Cure?
07/23/03 Byung-Seo Kim MAC and Routing protocols with Rate Adaptation in Distributed Wireless Networks
07/30/03 Dr. Han Smart antenna system for cdma2000 using virtual array algorithm

Seminars in Spring 2003

Date Speaker Topic
01/16/03 Shushan Wen A Fair Buffer Management Algorithm in TCP/IP Networks
01/23/03 Wing Hin Wong Nonuniform Space-Time Codes for Layered Source Coding
01/30/03 Wenjing Lou A Survey on Wireless Security in Mobile Ad Hoc
Networks: Challenges and Available Solutions
02/13/03 Dr. Ashish Pandharipande Optimum Design of Channel- and Multiflow-Adaptive DMT Systems
02/20/03 Dr. Deniz Erdogmus Blind Equalization Using Parzen Windows
02/27/03 Dr. Yuguang Fang Mobility Management: Modeling and Analysis
03/06/03 Jonghyun Won Co-Channel Interference Suppression for OFDM Systems
03/27/03 Dr. Irene Li Intelligent Transportation Systems
04/03/03 Jianfeng Wang TCP over Wireless Ad hoc Networks
04/10/03 Wei Liu Computational Complexity
04/17/03 Kiung Jung Service Differentiation and Link Throughput in Ad Hoc Network by Modification of the Backoff Parameters

Seminars in Fall 2002

Date Speaker Topic
09/12/02 Wing Hin Wong Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding with Quantized Feedback
09/19/02 Wenjing Lou SPREAD: Improving Security by Multipath Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
10/03/02 Dr. Shigang Chen Routing in QoS-enabled Networks
10/10/02 Wenchao Ma Introduction to Mobility Management in IP Networks
10/17/02 Dr. Jianhua Liu Doubling the Data Rate of OFDM Based WLANs
10/24/02 Dr. Erik G Larsson Semi-Structured Interference Suppression for OFDM Part I
10/31/02 Deniz Rende Bit Interleaved Space-Frequency Coded Modulation For OFDM Systems
11/07/02 Wei Liu Routing for Delay Sensitive Application
11/14/02 Jonghyun Won Correlation Properties of MIMO Indoor Channels
11/21/02 Xiang Chen A QoS Management Architecture for 3G Packet Switched System

Seminars in Summer 2002

Date Speaker Topic
05/23/02 Dr. Erik G Larsson Achieving Transmit and Multipath Diversity on a Frequency-Selective Space-Time Channel
05/30/02 Dr. Yuguang Fang Movement-Based Mobility Management Scheme and Analysis for Wireless Networks 
06/06/02 Dr. Tan F Wong Optimal Spreading Sequence for CDMA Systems
06/13/02 Srividya Sathyamurthy Location Technologies- An Overview
06/20/02 Christina Yu Zheng Wireless Ad Hoc Network
07/11/02 Yi Zheng OFDM
07/18/02 Wing Hin Wong Error Bounds for Coherently & Non-coherently Detected Space-Time Block Codes
07/25/02 Aarti Bharathan Key Exchange Techniques in Wireless Networks
08/01/02 - -

Seminars in Spring 2002

Date Speaker Topic
01/24/02 Dr. John M. Shea Iterative Decoding: Problems and Opportunities
01/31/02 Xiang Chen Introduction to Connection Admission Control or Multiclass Traffic in Cellular Wireless Networks
02/07/02 Xin Li Turbo Coded Hybrid ARQ Schemes
02/14/02 Dr. Janise McNair Cellular User Mobility Modeling Techniques
02/21/02 Dr. Erik G. Larsson Performance Bounds for Parameter Estimation
02/28/02 Hanjo Kim Turbo Decoder Analysis Based on Density Evolution
03/14/02 Beomjin Park Transmit Diversity for 3rd Generation Systems
03/21/02 Saravanan Vijayakumaran Quantum Information Theory
03/28/02 Tao Chen Channel Quality Estimation with Channel Error Counts for Adaptive Signaling
04/04/02 Kiung Jung Non-uniform Phase Shift Key Modulation for Multi-cast Transmission
04/11/02 Arun Avudainayagam Codes on Graphs: Behavioral Realizations and the Sum-Product Algorithm
04/18/02 Dr. Haniph A. Latchman -

Seminars in Fall 2001

Date Speaker Topic


Arun Avudainayagam

Li Gao

An Introduction to Low Density Parity Check Codes

Minimum TSC/ETSC sequences & their applications in a CDMA forward link

09/19/01 Wenchao Ma GPRS/UMTS System Architecture and Mobility Management
09/26/01 Erik G Larsson Introduction to Space-Time Coding
10/03/01 Dr. Tan F Wong Multi-Dimensional Parity Check Code for Bursty Channel
10/10/01 Younggoo Kwon
Fast Collision Resolution Backoff (FCRB) algorithms for Wireless Medium Access Control Protocols ---Part I
10/17/01 Younggoo Kwon Part II
10/24/01  Byung-Seo Kim Introduction to Bit Loading Alogorithm
11/07/01 Deniz Rende Diversity for OFDM Wireless Communications Systems
11/21/01 Wenjing Lou
The Effects of Cache Organizations on the Performance of On-Demand Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks
11/28/01 Xiang Chen -

Seminars in Spring 2001

Date Speaker Topic


Deniz Rende

Simple Transmit Diversity Techniques Using Antenna Arrays
02/08/01 Dr. Yuguang Fang Performance Analysis of Wireless Communications Networks
02/15/01 Li Gao A Power Efficient ARQ Protocol over Optimal Sequence CDMA Links
02/22/01 Yong Liu Multiuser Dectection in DS-CDMA Systems
03/01/01 Dr. Janise McNair Mobility Management in Next Generation Wireless Systems
03/15/01 Wenjing Lou A Multipath Routing Approach for Secure Data Delivery
03/22/01 Xin Li Turbo Code
03/29/01 Xiang Chen Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Networks
04/05/01 Dr. John M. Shea Turbo Code (Advanced lecture)
04/12/01 Wenchao Ma Introduction of two location strategies of PCS -- Local Anchor and Forwarding
04/19/01 Kiung Jung An Alternate Approach for Soft-handoff Initiation in IS-95


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